16 More Bad “WTF Did I Just Do?” Tattoos

More of the Worst in the Ugliest Ink.


Bad Howling Wolf Tattoo


Maybe you shouldn’t have rushed into that so quickly.  For one reason, I’m sure that by now all we would see is a hairy dress.

Tattoo of the do you see white and gold of black and blue dress illusion


That moment when pride turns to embarrassment.

Facebook: New Tattoo: Misspelled Strength


Who wants candy?

Only God Can Fudge Me Tattoo on neck from Snapchat


He’s cute. And musical.

Mug Shot Face Tattoo


Funsily were?

Misspelled Family Where Life Begins on hand


Jesus was burned at the stake? Go figure.

Bad Jesus nailed on the cross tattoo, black and burned worst

She seems nice.

Knife through skull tattoo on thigh


Yes, you did catch us. But then we always stare at train wrecks.

Eyes & Ha caught ya looking tattooed on ass


More like “Cross My Eyes”.

Naked woman pin up and cross my heart tattoo


Sorry. Dad… Mom.

Bad portrait tattoo of mom & dad


Wow. That eagle’s got saggy nipple cheeks.

Hige eagle on chest with nipple cheeks


I wish I could be in a gang.

Gang leader face tattoos


I think Wolverine needs a little dental work.

Bad super hero tattooes wolverine


Wow. But where’d her other arm go?

Naked woman scorpion wings crown tattoo horrible worst ugliest


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