15 Bad Tattoos Dripping in Drunken Regrets

More of the Worst Head Shaking Tat Disasters

Comic Book Guy ~ Worst Tattoo Ever ~ The Simpsons


“Put down the tat gun and slowly walk away.”
You Only Live Once, I did it myself, worst bad tattoos


“Huh? What? Who? Me” responded a nervous Freddie Krueger.

Funny bad Freddie Krueger tattoo


Flowers and Ferrets?

Flowers & rats or squirrels, worst bad attoos


Practice makes perfect.

Hour glass eyeball tat, second tattoo bad worst


What do the dots represent and why are there five of them between 3 and 6 and only four between the rest?

bad pocket watch tattoo, worst


At first I thought it was a horrible bird or bad Tootsie Roll art. But I finally figured it out. Can you?

horrible howling wolf and reflection in front of moon back tattoo, ugly worst, bad


Nailed it.

Bad kid portrait tattoo


What Air Jordon looks like pudgy, naked and sunburned.

bad Nike Air Jordan tattoo, worst, ugly


“Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio, a fellow of infinite darkness…”

Hand holding vampire skull with blood dripping from fangs, worst bad tattoos


Who wants ice cream?

Woman with ice cream cone tattoo on face, brrrr, worst bad


I hope she means of fruits and vegetables.

Never Enough tattoo on back of thighs, worst bad tattoos


I’m not sure who that looks like but it sure ain’t Rambo.

Nothing's Over Rambo tattoo, worst, bad

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