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Fresh Grilled Tomatos:

If yer like me, ya got yerself a bumper crop of fresh ‘maters growing in the garden. Ever split’em and put’em on the grill? C’mon! Yer gonna love it! Everything’s good on the grill! Including oatmeal (but that’s another messy story). Here’s how easy it is to make Fresh Grilled tomatoes:


Grilled Tomatoes, how to cook tomatos, grilling, bbqWish I had a better picture of what I just ate, but I ate it too fast


  • Tomatoes (how many are up to how hungry you is)
  • A dab of olive oil
  • A dash of salt
  • Fresh ground pepper if ya like
  • Garlic powder

Hell, read on… you can improvise with your favorite stuff.


Fixin’em up:

Take yer ‘maters and slice them in half through the middle, not through the core, but the fat middle. Try to cut’em straight. Don’t want’em to get all wobbly-like on the grill.

Put’em on a plate butt-side down. Take a dab of olive oil on yer finger and rub it over the open faces. Sprinkle on a dash of salt, some fresh-cracked pepper and some garlic powder.

Put’em on the grill over medium heat face side down for a good few minutes. Keep an eye on’em. Ya don’t want’em to flame up too much. You’ll know when their ready to flip when they start to get good’n’soft around the face side down.

Now flip’em over onto their butts! This is where I put on some fresh shredded basil leaves and some cheese (ya can go without the basil if ya like). I used Feta cheese ‘cuz we were outta the Bleu. But ya can use you’re favorite (just don’t use those individually-wrapped American cheese slices. That ain’t cheese. That’s what they make rain ponchos and safety patrol belts out of!)

Close the grill lid to melt the cheese. And when those suckers are soft or splittin’ on the bottom, they’re ready fer eatin’!

Dang, this recipe is so easy and, Lordy, they taste soooo gooood!


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