Donald Trump Tattoos: The Good, The Bad, and Insane

Donald Trump Tattoos – His Presidency in Ink

In today’s volatile political climate, many people choose to keep their views to themselves. Others, however, have no problem wearing theirs on their sleeve, calf, ankle, butt, or forehead!

Case in point, this collection of Donald Trump Tattoos. Some are pretty darn good. Others? Well, not so much. All in all, don’t these people realize that the presidency lasts a mere four years while tattoos last a lifetime? Let’s just hope that DJT’s proposed Trump Care bill covers tattoo removal!

Politically Incorrect Donald Trump tattoos


Night of the Living Zombie Trump.
Creepy zombie Donald Rump Tattoo


This one’s a little hard to swallow.
Donald Trump neck tattoo


Craig Bartlett, a fine tattooist at Just Add Ink studio in Poole, Dorset, United Kingdom offered up his great Trump design for FREE! 38-year-old roofer Dave Singleton took him up on his offer and now adorns this piece of art on his calf.
In Trump We Trust Donald Trump tattoo


On the flip-side, artist Bob Holmes of Clay Dragon Tattoo in Seabrook, New Hampshire offered up his FREE Donald Trump Tattoo and booked well over 30 appointments. However, it is rumored that Holmes offered up the exact same design as a free Charlie Sheen tattoo.
Free Donald Trump tattoo that looks like Charlie Sheen


Why? It doesn’t even look like Trump… More like a fat Owen Wilson.
Donald Trump riding a kid's scooter tattoo


Can you imagine looking at this funny-faced Trump pic  and thinking, “Hey, that’d make a great tattoo!”
Funny Donald Trump face that inspired a really bad Donald Trump tattoo


Well, it happened…
Funny Faced Donald Trump tattoo


…Not once, but twice.
Funny Faced Donald Trump tattoo


Oh my, he looks like a crazy zoo monkey.
Crazy monkey face Donald Trump tattoo


At long last, I finally get what Melania sees in him.

Creepy sick Donald Trump in bikini briefs tattoo


Of course this post wouldn’t be complete without a series of Trump Stamps…
Trump Stamp ~ Donald Trump Tattoo


The Trump Stamp ~ Donald Trump tattoos


Wow. I would NOT want that creepy creeper creeping outta the back of my panties.

Creepy Donald Trump face taramp stamp peeking out of pants


I love this take on the classic Alfred Hitchcock silhouette.
Donald Trump tattoo in a classic Alfred Hitchcock silhouette


He looks sleepy.
27 Political Fails of Our President Donald Trump tattoo


I woulda shrunk that head.
Shrunken head Donald Trump tattoo


The hair. The Tie. The poop head.
Poop head hair & tie Donald Trump tattoo


Simple, but effective. I like it.
Hair outline Donald Trump tattoo


Forehead Donald Trump tattoo


I’d have but two words for this tattoo artist… “You’re fired!”
Slightly Deformed and Flipping the Bird Donald Trump tattoo


Special needs Trump?Goofy Funny Faced Donald Trump tattoo


Oh, c’mon! That not only DOESN’t look like Trump, the hair is parted on the wrong side!
Bad, his hair is even combed to the wrong side ~ Donald Trump tattoo


It’s safe to say that he’s not a supporter.
China Death Arrow Donald Trump tattoo


And niether is he.
Free Dumb Donald Trump Devil Tattoo


Don’t worry. He has four years to grow into the presidency.
Funny Tattoos ~ Big headed baby Donald Trump tattoo


And finally, a drunk Hillary having the last laugh.

A Drunk Winking Hillary Getting the Last Laugh ~ Hillary Clinton Tattoo

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