27 Bad Album Covers to Rock Your World

Flip through a new record bin of the funniest in bad album covers that are music to your ears and harmonious to your eyes! This hot stack of wax, from gospel to rock, jazz to adult contemporary, fills the room with some of the best in the category of the worst album covers ever. And the music pressed into its vinyl is right there with it (actually, a couple of the tracks are pretty good. I’ve included 15 song tracks to listen to).

So cranks it up to 10 and enjoy 27 samples of things you cannot unsee from the music world.

More of the Worst in Bad Album Covers

1. Someone needs to give those two grumpy gusses a big, ol’ bear hug.
27 of the Baddest Album Covers Ever ~ Bear Brother Red Shoe Trucken Bondiago

Sample Red Shoe Trucken from 1972


2. That look when someone repeats what you just said and they get the laugh.
27 Bad, Funny Album overs! ~ Erin Koray Tutkusu

Sample a taste of this Turkish rocker from 1977


3. Hopefully, the pizza is better than the creativity of their album covers.

But if you’re in the mood for a little pepperoni and some classic American kitsch, you can still find them in Mesa, AZ,  just off the southwest corner of Southern Avenue and Stapley Drive, next to Walgreens.

27 Bad, Funny Album Covers That'll Rock Your World ~ Organ Stop Pizza Ron Rhode

Take a video tour of Organ Stop Pizza


4. I have no words for this,
27 of the Funniest Album Covers Ever! ~ Webster Good Secrets Bad Secrets

Enjoy all 27 minutes of this important lesson


5. Perfect for your next drunken, smoke-filled German swingers party. As the cover says, “No party without sexy!”
27 of the Worst Bald Album Covers Ever~
6. Don’t judge Dick by his cover. He’s actually a highly-honored, national treasure in Wales!
27 Horribly Bad Album Covers ~ Karnevalsjeck King Size Dick

Enjoy a King Size Dick video with his band Black Foos


7. This 1970s Chinese Chinese pop star and heartthrob has now blessed me with my favorite salutation, “So long! Ding dong!”
27 Bad, Just Wrong Album Covers ~ Wong Ching Yian So Long Ding Dong

Enjoy Wong Ching Yian and The Stylers perform “Jilted Person”


8. Do not cry for their love… Or their hair and fashion sense.
27 Bad, Funny Album Covers ! Die Amigos

Die Amigos Live in Concert, 2018


9. Music to get startled by.
27 of the Funniest Bad Album Covers Ever ~ Jim Glasco


10. I like their leggings.
27 Bad, Funny Album Covers ~ Fancy Rock Flash Simple Life


11. Nothing hotter than a romantic bubble bath and a good article about Ted Kennedy.
27 Bad, Funny Album Covers ~ Patrick Attali Just a fool

Get lost in the soft, sexy falsetto of Patrick Attali


12. For the 13th time! They’re the Terry Harper Trio, dammit!
27 Bad, Funny Album Covers ~ Terry Harper Trio- Gospel records


13. I think he’s into something good… like his sister… hence the name Therapy.
27 Bad, Funny Album Covers ~ Therapy Therapy


14.  Short in stature. Big on licks.
27 Bad, Funny Album Covers ~ Petra Pilz Fritz Fetzet Schaffe on Wuala

Bang your head to the Little Lord of Germany


15. Hell without hell? Sounds like a good time to me!
27 Bad, Funny Album Covers ~ Dr. Jack Van Imp hell without hell


16. It’s good to feel something.
27 Funny, Bad Album Covers ~ Georgia Gibbs I Feel So Smoochie

“I Feel So Smoochie” from 1947


17. One of the first recorded botox injections on record.
27 Bad, Funny Album Covers ~ Casildo y sus Villanos

Get up and dance to “La Inyecion de Peña”


18. Let’s see, there’s oak, walnut, cedar, fiberboard, pine, banana rod…
27 Bad, Funny Album Covers ~ Whirlwind Heat Types of Wood

Rock out to “Reagan” by Whirlwind Heat


19. Don & Sal… contemplating how much lube they’ll need.

27 Bad, Funny Album Covers ~ Make Room for Jesus by Don and Sal, gospel records


20. Who wouldn’t want to spend the night in the van of the creepy old dude in mechanic overalls?
27 Bad, Funny Album Covers ~ Roger Chapman Let's spend the night together

Watch Roger Chapman, Live in Concert, 1981


21.  Wow! How’d they do covers like that before the days of photoshop?
27 Bad, Funny Album Covers ~ les 3 memesstrels Suiram

Wanna hear Les Trois Menestrels perform Dylan’s “Blowin’ in the Wind” back in ’64?


22. C’mon, Betsy & Jo. Why so subtle?
27 Bad, Funny Album Covers ~ Betsy and Jo Mom Kom Mertje

Enjoy this Dutch duo’s  “The Cucumber” from 1966

(Ya gotta love a song with a lyric that roughly translates to, “You no longer come to my mustache.”


23. Nothing sexier in my book than Jackie Gleason and a couple of unfiltered Luckies.
27 Bad, Funny Album Covers ~ Jackie Gleason Music for Lovers Only


24. This 1960s British pop star and actress was way ahead of the #metoo movement.
27 Bad, Funny Album Covers ~ Helen Shapiro, Helen Hits Out

Watch Helen singing “I Don’t Care”  from the 1962 film, Play It Cool


25. Arms and Legs is one of Joe Jackon’s first bands before he dismembered the group and went solo.
27 Bad, Funny Album Covers ~ Janie Arms and Legs She'll Surprise You

Enjoy the “Janie and the flip side,  “She’ll Surprise You


26.  I prefer the sultry sounds of the microwave.
27 Bad, Funny Album Covers ~ Music for Cooking With Gad, Harry Fields Quintet


27.  When my late grandma, Meemie, had to use the loo, she’d always say, “I’m going to play the tuba.” Now I know where she got her inspiration.
27 Bad, Funny Album Covers ~ Festivals de Bandes woman tuba

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