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Squirrel Leg Recipe, yum, tailgate food, party dishesKez’s Bacon Wrapped Squirrel Legs Recipe

Squirrel, in some neck of the woods, is a long-forgotten meat. But one bite of these critter legs will have ya twitchin’ fer more! These dandy morsels are a favorite, easy to prep ahead a time, and great to fire-up at yer ceremonial NASCAR tailgate or ta just toss on the grill when the boys come over to look at yer new ridin’ tractor upgrades.


  • A mess of squirrel legs, front & rear. (As ya reckon, ain’t a lot meat on a squirrel leg so ya need bunch. About 4 -6 a person ( 15 -20 for Bubba or Big Rodney). With that said, try to avoid pickin’ up them squirrels off the side of the road, unless you or the lady in the truck ahead of ya just hit it.
  • beer ( ‘nuff to soak the legs but not so much yer wasting the liquid gold)
  • garlic powder
  • pepper
  • salt
  • minced onion
  • and if ya like, yer favorite hot sauce
  • hickory smoked bacon, 1 slice per leg

What’cha do:

Soak them legs in beer for 2–3 hours. Remove, drain, and if someone’s lookin’, don’t drink the soakin’ beer

Sprinkle each leg with garlic powder, pepper, salt and the minced onion. Dab on yer favorite hot sauce if yer up fer it

Wrap each leg with bacon and secure it on with toothpicks (use the wooden Kind, plastic toothpicks will melt in yer meat. And DO NOT use yer staple gun, even tho I know how much ya love to fire that sucker!

Place on hot grill. Cook over medium heat until they look and smell right, and keep yer eye on’em, the bacon drippins can flame up mighty good!

Serve with an ice cold beer, and not the ones the legs were soakin’ in if someone’s lookin’.

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